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Let's talk a little bit about lady blue balls.

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No, that's not the name of a fancy lass in some Jane Austen novel who's just looking for love in a society that constrains her. You might have heard people with penises discuss this conditionbut can girls get blue balls, too? Logan Levkoffsexuality and relationships expert, tells Elite Daily. But without climax and the muscle contractions that are part of it, that heaviness isn't released. Sherry Ross.

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There are a lot of psychological, physical, and relationship-related factors that make it difficult for someone to orgasm, from past trauma to new medications, to performance pressure and anxiety. Some people have described it as an ache in their clit ; Ross says you might experience a sensation of pain and pressure. According to Medical Daily, the uterine walls also become engorged when you're aroused, so some women might experience an internal ache or feeling akin to menstrual cramps.

When you're turned on, the vaginal walls also become engorged and swollen. Because of this, not climaxing can result in an unpleasant, heavy sensation. Experiencing some of these symptoms right now? You have a few options: Trying to have an orgasm, if you can, might be your best bet. You can also just wait it out. Another preventative measure, of course, might just be setting aside some alone time to get to know your body and your orgasms!

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Baulkman, J. Medical Daily. Frederick, D. National Sample. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 47 1— Logan LevkoffPh. D, sex educator. This article was originally published on By Rachel Shatto and Lydia Wang. Updated: July 1, Originally Published: Sep. An Achy Clit. Search Close.

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Yes, Women Can Also Get Blue Balls—It's Called 'Blue Vulva.' Here's What You Need to Know