Sex dating in Lynch station

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It begins with a lush suburban garden, gradually zooming in closer, down towards the earth, pushing below the grass, until the viewer is confronted with a grotesque colony of beetles writhing away in a revolting, but mesmerising close-up. Sexy Beastsin many ways, reminded me a lot of that shot. No harm done either way.

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A series of singletons from the US are put together with strangers for a succession of slightly awkward first dates. One singleton at a time he on a series of dates with prospective partners.

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The first episode follows Emma, a model who is tired of men judging her purely on her looks, and so decided to up to be covered in latex in the name of love. She sets off on a series of dates, chats with various animals in turn and picks her winner, before the big unmasking reveals what the contestants really look like, which brings with it genuine moments of intrigue.

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For the uninitiated, furs have risen hugely in popularity since first taking root in the 70s and becoming a cultural movement in the 90s, welcoming fans who identify as being fascinated with anthropomorphic animals. But the dates we see the singletons on are tedious — or at least the overbearing editing makes them out to be — and the larger-than-life masks soon lose their novelty value.

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It seems unsure whether to ridicule its own construct and be irreverent, or go for the moral message and preach about the value of personality over beauty. In the end, the show loses its way a little and the show has tonal shifts as jarring as the masks themselves.

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It might not make the biggest impact on first viewing, but we have a feeling Sexy Beasts might come back to haunt our daydreams for some time to come. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via Share this article via flipboard Copy link.

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Sex dating in Lynch station

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