Sex dating in Breeding

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Divorce occurs when both members of a breeding pair survive to the following year but then pair with other individuals instead of reuniting. Divorce is common in birds, but its frequency can vary widely both between and within species, or even between populations across years. Several explanations for divorce have been described, both adaptive and nonadaptive. Many studies have compared the breeding success of faithful and divorced individuals, but fewer have considered the process of divorce, i.

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In this study, we used data from eight breeding seasons to investigate divorce in a population of blue tits, Cyanistes caeruleusin southern Germany. To compare our to work, we first describe the frequency of divorce and compare the breeding success of divorced and faithful pairs.

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We then use data from an RFID transponder-based system, where all visits of individuals to any nestbox in the study site are automatically recorded throughout the year, to compare the behaviour of pairs in the interbreeding period. We found that the probability of divorce was not affected by breeding success in Year X. However, divorce was predicted by the difference in arrival time to the study site between the members of Year X pairs.

Furthermore, during the interbreeding period, compared to their divorced counterparts, members of faithful pairs had more interactions with one another than with other individuals of the opposite sex. Download PDF Download full issue.

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Sex dating in Breeding

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