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COVID surges across the country.

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Bill Nye discusses climate change. A new development emerges in the Matt Gaetz sex crime probe. A Republican official reveals what their voter suppression effort is really for.

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Indicted Trump inaugural chair Tom Barrack arranges a plea deal. COVID is surging across the country. The CDC is warning this is now a pivotal moment for curbing the pandemic. And the deaths are certainly occurring with unvaccinated folks. Folks supposed to have common sense. MELBER: Common sense there from a Republican, as she put it, about dealing with the fact that this is a problem among the unvaccinated. And that makes it a problem for everyone. While politics and ignorance are shaping so many parts of this debate or this dialogue, from FOX News, to conservatives in some far left groups on Facebook, the governor here does not have the luxury of treating this as another avenue for content or another place for political posturing, because people are getting sick and dying.

Her constituents are getting sick and dying in her state, with cases skyrocketing and the rate of people going to the hospital almost doubling in a place with one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Or take Florida, also one of the worst states for vaccination rates, the case count tripling over just the last two weeks.

Now, some people hurting from COVID are speaking out, a former vaccine skeptic now urging others to get the vaccine. I wish people would at least reconsider or at least listen to what we went through. Apparently, even that was too much for some. There was a backlash. Now, Hannity falsely claims he never told people to get vaccinated. We have more on that later tonight. So, here we are. This is a tough way to end the week. There is so much spin, lies and drama that it would be easy to miss some of the larger facts here.

It marks the fastest development of a vaccine to combat a new virus ever in world history. The vaccine mostly prevents the virus, period. When the virus does break through, the version of the virus that vaccinated people experience is virtually never lethal. I blame a lot of Republicans who for months now have been either discouraging it, certainly not encouraging it, never mandating it, and generally playing this down for almost a year-and-a-half now. And so I thought about Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott and other governors like her, and then Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- she wants to be the governor of Arkansas, which is one of the hardest-hit states right this minute -- on FOX today saying, nah, no mask mandate, no vaccine mandate.

And that is because of the unvaccinated mingling among us. And that could possibly lead to other variants where. We may not be at the end with the Delta variant. It could be Epsilon and whatever comes after that. And so there is a communal value in saying, we as a community have to do the safe thing. You -- this is a sort of stunning development in conservative movements coming out of this. And then you still go back to Trump. He started all this. And if he -- where is he? Where is he?

He could still come out today. He could come out in the next hour and say, you know what, everybody? Get your shots. But this comes out of the Trumpism, the war on expertise. And you see people like Rand Paul and Representative Madison Cawthorn spending this week attacking Anthony Fauci, pushing conspiracy theories, and as the rates go up in their states, in red states.

They had a lot of anti-vaccine rhetoric. Then you have Sean Hannity playing basically both sides of it. Enough people have died. It absolutely makes sense for many Americans to get vaccinated. I believe in science, I believe in the science of vaccination. I am simply not qualified. I am not a medical doctor. I know nothing about your medical history or your current medical condition. WALSH: Not being a medical doctor -- not being a medical Lady want sex tonight Melber, Ari, has not stopped him this whole pandemic from offering his ignorant and biased and harmful opinions.

But Rupert Murdoch reportedly got the vaccine in December. So did Donald Trump. They are. And so, again, when Governor Ivey trashes the unvaccinated, they have really been poorly treated by so much of their leadership, and particularly so much of Lady want sex tonight Melber media universe. He wilted after what was the original statement that was not all that extraordinary to begin with, to what you just saw last night.

What is the political pressure on him to go running like that? There was a nanosecond. Maybe it was two nanoseconds after the attack. Even Lindsey Graham said, I have had enough of this. And that lasted for about 20 moments. Anything that seems to inconvenience the Trumpian view that you should listen to experts, that there is a reality, and that Republicans and extremists have made mistakes, you get shut down for being reasonable, even for a New York minute.

And that -- and, listen be personal about it a little way -- a little bit.

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I know Tucker. I used to be on another network with him and debate him there. And he was conservative, and I was progressive.

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And we disagreed. But, afterwards, we talked about our family and our. He was more journalistic back in that point than he has become now. He could do the pivot even better than Sean Hannity. And he could a clever -- he is a very smart guy. He can find a Lady want sex tonight Melber way to do it that would cover up everything he has said up to now. I think Tucker is more -- is steering that ship more than Sean is, and that he -- and he can bring Trump into the picture.

They could do this if they wanted to. They are deciding not to do it. CORN: Yes. You can sing the "Titanic" theme, because it is a disaster. And, like Joan, I care for the people being hurt by this, even though they would see me as the enemy. And you both -- I mean, Joan, I will give you the final thought. They have been told, oh, this is where -- these are the influential leaders of your life.

This is the person on TV. Joan and David, thank you both on an issue that I know is heartfelt. I know you both care about it, as do a lot of people watching. Also, this indicted Trump ally getting some billionaire treatment at the bail hearing today. We have a report on that. MELBER: A top Republican getting himself in trouble by admitting an elicit partisan motivation for election meddling, and thus breaking the Cardinal rule dating all the way back to "Fight Club.

The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club. All the small counties are red. The admission here is that the whole point is partisan, not a truthful or legitimate audit. Now, you may have already figured that was the goal. But they also say if politicians are only writing the rules to help themselves, to hold onto power, to be partisan, well, those are the kind of laws they will overrule.

The admission comes as Texas Democrats remain in Washington, fighting new voter restrictions in that state. Now, ing me now, we have someone who knows all about these issues and where the lines are. What do you think is important here for people to understand? And so this -- so, first of all, when I see that, it should give more incentive, more permission structure to Democrats in Washington to do everything they can to pass voting rights legislation, because this is an existential threat.

Now, I saw, after Barack Obama won inyou will recall the Republicans had a big We were able to somehow organize our way through that. But they want to basically make elections irrelevant and decide who wins an election almost no matter who votes. I will say this, though.

Lady want sex tonight Melber

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