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At Hobart Place General Practice, we recognise and support people who are looking for a general practitioner to help them with their needs in gender affirmative care.

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We understand that there is a spectrum of gender and sexuality and try to support our patients with the choices they make. Several of our doctors are experienced with gender affirmative care and can help patients to talk about their options, initiate medication if indicated, monitor treatment and refer to appropriate specialists and allied health practitioners if indicated.

We practice the informed consent model of care. Please refer to our list of doctors for the doctors who work in this area or speak to our staff. Sexually transmitted infections STIs are infections or diseases that are passed on during unprotected sex with an infected partner. This includes vaginal, anal or oral sex. Some STIs can be passed on just by skin-to-skin contact. Common STIs include chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes and genital warts. You Hobart sex partner changed sex partners or had more than one sex partner in the last 12 months. You or your partner share injecting equipment such as a syringes and needles.

However, quite often, STIs can be asymptomatic. If you have symptoms, you will be given an appointment with a doctor. The nurse will then assist with specimen collection. You will usually be able to see our nurse immediately or if the nurse is not available, we can offer you an appointment. If you would like an appointment, please ring our STI nurse on or the Hobart Place reception on The initial consultation and any subsequent consultation to do with the STI test will be bulk-billed.

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You will see either our male or female nurse who will take your sexual history and consult with a doctor about your tests. You will usually be able to see our nurse immediately or if he or she is not available, we can offer you an appointment. Negative will be notified to you by SMS the notification will not disclose the purpose of the test. We will contact you if you need to come back to see a doctor. Talk to one of our doctors or nurses to find out how the use of PrEP combined with other prevention methods can help decrease the likelihood of transmission of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Monday to Friday 8. Hobart Place skin clinic. Allied Health. Medical termination of pregnancy.

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For Doctors. For veterans. Detecting Skin Cancer Early. For Patients. Your partner has other sexual partners You share sex toys with your partner Some symptoms of STIs include unusual discharge from your vagina or penis difficulty or pain when you urinate and have sex blisters, warts, lumps, bumps or sores on your genitals rash, cracked skin, itchy or irritated skin on or around your genital region.

Your healthcare partner in Canberra City.

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Opening times Monday to Friday 8.

Hobart sex partner

email: [email protected] - phone:(136) 302-7741 x 4710

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