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By day, you can see plumes of geothermal steam rising in every direction, pouring from vents in the ground and disappearing into the crisp, dry air. At night, you can see distant galaxies with the naked eye, their light much older than our species. Its largest instrument collects information from across the electromagnetic spectrum over land, ice and ocean.

Only a few small areas in the U. I wanted to feel what it was like in the dark.

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The human population is somewhere north of 7 billion, and light tends to follow our species wherever it goes. I wanted, in a way, to go back in time. It barreled down on me as fast as a truck, over the mountains and into the flat where the hot spring lay. And then there was nothing but the storm — the cold rain and the hot pool and the dark-gray clouds.

The steam melted into the fog as the gale kicked up miniature waves that raced across the water. I wondered if I would ever see the stars. In27 hatchling sea turtles were scraped off the pavement of A1A Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, yards from the beach. Firefighters were able to save four others from a nearby storm drain.

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The swarming insects caused three motorcycle accidents before their demise, and their putrid corpses forced pedestrians to walk in the street. The turtles mistook the glow from a bar and an ice cream shop for the light of the moon glistening off the ocean. In an letter to the editor of Science, one G. Their prey was plentiful in the new light, Thompson reasoned, but their webs blocked views and dirtied surroundings.

That letter may be the earliest public acknowledgement of what we now call light pollution. As human civilization has advanced, one of its innocuous-seeming byproducts — light — has seeped into the natural nocturnal world. And some humans have come to believe that light is wreaking havoc. It began with the astronomers. The effect of light pollution on their field is obvious enough: Astronomers need darkness to collect and examine the unfathomably distant light of deep-space objects.

Going into space to do that work is very expensive, after all. The astronomers were ed by others in what can collectively be called the dark-sky movement. The ecologically-minded resent the effects light may have on our flora and fauna. Those more focused on humans are concerned about what they worry could be carcinogenic effects.

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And then there are those whose concerns center on a lost heritage: the notion that if we look up at night and see no stars, we are poorer for it, missing out on some nourishing, mystical, ancestral connection. Those concerns have led to attempts to beat back the light. To protect the darkness for research at its Lowell Observatory, the city banned the use of commercial searchlights. The struggle has continued ever since, in city halls, in state assemblies, on op-ed s and on the internet. Rather, they advocate for well-considered lighting that serves its purpose without excess illumination.

Too often, they say, lights are too bright, point too far up, are on too often, or are the wrong color. Blue, they say, is especially bad. Harder had just arrived in the city from the Hamptons; she splits her time between the beach community and Manhattan. Bad luck drove her to this crusade. Church lights across the street from her East Village apartment tortured her, despite painted-over windows and blackout curtains. Susan Harder, an outspoken apostle of the dark-sky movement, sits in a Manhattan cafe on a bright fall day. She works full time for the cause these days, giving lectures, lobbying policymakers and meeting with people like me.

Going dark is also more fiscally responsible, she said — excess lighting wastes billions of dollars worth of energy each year. And the mystical element motivates her advocacy too. We just have our Earth-borne environment. I think it also could cut off our feeling of curiosity. The de house Valentino even put out a collection of high-fashion clothes depicting celestial objectsshe explained, and she regretted not wearing a piece from it to our interview. She was, however, sporting a sparkling star-shaped brooch.

In her experience, a combination of these arguments can appeal to folks across the spectrum. But convincing laypeople that light pollution Gerlach Nevada free black sex room harmful to humans is one thing; convincing scientists of it is quite another.

There are two big problems with blue light, according to the AMA. All those lights could have effects that ripple far beyond bedtime, but this is where the science gets more complicated. But what of the new variety? Modern electric lighting might. Circadian disruption can alter not only sleep cycles but also core body temperature, hormone levels and gene expression — scientists have observed this in animal studies and Stevens has argued that the same disruption affects humans.

He has explored the links between electric light and some of the so-called diseases of modern life: obesity, diabetes, depression and cancer. Stevens hypothesized a link between electric light and breast cancer as early as The genesis of his idea, and the reason it remains intriguing, is that while scientists understand some of the common causes of many types of cancer fairly well lung cancer and smoking, liver cancer and hepatitis viruses, cervical cancer and human papillomavirus the causes of breast cancer remain mysterious.

But even the author admits that these claims are debatable. One such researcher, Karla Kerlikowske, studies risk-prediction models for breast cancer at the University of California San Francisco. She pointed out that neither the Physician Data Query nor the International Agency for Research on Cancer, two major organizations that assess cancer risks, consider light a standard risk factor. Barentine has a Ph. It still had about a third of its autumn leaves in winter thanks, the document said, to a streetlight above it, which the handout claimed caused the tree stress.

Members of the movement remain convinced that urgent action is needed. The research gets even more conflicted when you consider the benefits of light, which, in big cities especially, is often thought to deter crime. At times, though, Barentine sounded more like an evangelical darkness missionary, invoking the importance of our dimming heritage. The company was one of the biggest operations in the Black Rock Desert basin, and Louis Gerlach, its founder, was one of the richest cattlemen in the West.

Tick fever was going around that year, and he was rushed by stagecoach to a doctor miles south, in Reno. Louis Gerlach never returned to the town that bears his name. Over a century later, I traveled those same miles, in the opposite direction, in a rented Jeep, to see what life is like in what may be the darkest town in the United States.

Nevada state Route is a two-lane blacktop ribbon unfurling up the state, through the sagebrush, past Pyramid Lake, around and through the mountains. You could be forgiven for driving right through the town without noticing it. I pulled into Gerlach with a Unihedron sky-quality meter in my pocket. The higher thethe darker the sky.

The night before I left for Nevada, outside my apartment in the arcadian by Brooklyn standards neighborhood of Ditmas Park, my meter was getting readings of around From my apartment windows, I can occasionally see a single star — a dim Polaris. My hopes for a more rewarding stargazing experience in the desert were running high.

Inthe original California Zephyr ran its final trip, and passenger rail service to Gerlach came to an end. With the railroad gone, the railroad workers left too, and today the town is home to fewer than people. At the restaurant, you can book a room, sip a beer and order a meal, all at the bar. But to get even further into the nighttime darkness, I stayed 25 miles north at the Iveson Ranch.

Even before Barker showed up, there was a ranch here, owned by the Ivesons. Barker thought they sounded cool. So, not one for vanity, he called his new property Iveson Ranch. This topography, Gerlach Nevada free black sex room vast rises on either side, evokes the slitted opening of a telescope dome. When I arrived around midafternoon, the ranch was full of life. Magpies and quails, chickens and wild horses, deer, and a succession of dirty, friendly dogs — one of which, I later learned, was called Little Trump — seemed to be in charge.

He was well aware that he lived under extraordinarily dark skies, and he said so when we first exchanged s. We better start taking care of ourselves and our planet. All very rural Nevada. Peterson, 68, is the vice president of Friends of Black Rock-High Rock, a conservation and education group devoted to 1. A white beard softened his handsome, desert-battered face. Peterson first came up to Gerlach inbut in the winters he stays at his home in Oakland.

I asked him if that was on purpose, the result of some local, grassroots dark-sky movement. Peterson laughed. As you can see, this is a poor, unincorporated town.

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But Peterson is. He said he usually sees them within 15 minutes. To describe the ificance of dark skies, Peterson invoked Carl Jung. Looking at fire instead of television. Looking at the sky. Every culture known to us throughout our history has created constellations and has read the sky as a way to deal with the mystical. I asked Peterson if he thought there was any hope for a dark-sky movement in a place like New York City.

Even being at the ranch for a couple of days would be good for me; he said he could see it in my eyes. Most walk that labyrinth praying to a Christian God, but when Peterson walks his each night at sunset, his focus is on more mystical forces.

I walked it. The winding path took about 20 minutes to complete. For the first 15 minutes, I was too busy thinking about the weird desert insects that were biting me to notice any energy in the labyrinth.

Gerlach Nevada free black sex room

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