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Power is hard to get, and not easily surrendered. Raimondo is one of a group of powerful women who are changing Rhode Island. They hail from a range of fields: politics, the law, business, health care, the media, entrepreneurship, education, the arts, philanthropy and advocacy. What traits do they share in common? Vision and the force of personality to sway others to their point of view.

Gina Raimondo Gina from Smithfield made history this year by getting elected the first female governor of Rhode Island, beating Allan Fung and Robert Healey in a close race. Her advice? Carolyn Murray Known as a daily presence at the State House during the legislative session, Carolyn Murray likes to mix it up when it comes to her clients. Teresa Paiva Weed is one of the most powerful politicians in the state. The lawyer, who prevailed in a competitive re-election bid, is known as a policy wonk who often works behind the scenes.

She has championed economic and workforce development and the arts. Paiva Weed supported pension reform legislation and in the same-sex marriage debate, the strong Catholic, despite her opposition, allowed a historic vote to go forward that led to its legalization.

The future president of Rhode Island College dated their private-school-educated son. But Carriuolo once accidentally overheard the principal tell his wife she was too ordinary for him.

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Her kind words drowned out his. Maribeth K. Calabro The president of the Providence Teachers Union grew up grading papers alongside her mother. Calabro says. She served as a union delegate before Calabro did and impressed upon her daughter that she needed to speak up and make sure everyone had equal rights under the law. She was really vigilant about people having rights. A longtime union official, Calabro was elected president in She represents about 1, teachers and has sparred with the Taveras administration over ongoing contract negotiations.

She has been vocal about her frustration and urged teachers not to attend a beginning of the year convocation. But the workplace has been different from her growing up and college experience, she says. The executive director and chief executive officer of the Preservation Society of Newport County, Coxe has long been intrigued by characters like transportation magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, who built the Breakers, and Edward Julius Berwind, who made a fortune with his coal mining company and constructed the Elms.

Coxe, who took over the Preservation Society inbelieves people will care about art and history if she can make it interesting. Not everyone supports her ambitions, however. Her toughest lesson? It was during a time when the University of Rhode Island said in an environmental study that the best thing to do with Narragansett Bay would be to use it as a sewer. And during the s as secretary of environmental affairs in Massachusetts, Coxe also helped spearhead the cleanup of Boston Harbor. Nobody likes change. In this world that we live in, if you want to be successful, you have to be very prepared to be nimble and to adapt.

You have to also hold on to some basic values, and those are ones that I am not giving up on. Catherine Welch Catherine Welch blames her father in part for her career in the media. He worked in TV and radio, and as the youngest of five, she went to work with him and stood under his desk as he anchored. Karen A. Bordeleau The s of the Providence Journal are still important real estate in Rhode Island and as the first woman to lead the only statewide newspaper, Karen A. To raise your hand and to make your case and to not be afraid to say something different from the person sitting next to you.

Annie De Groot, chief executive officer of EpiVax. And one day, De Groot and her staff are hoping to be able to make vaccines for people on the spot, based on their genetic information. And it does. Leaders in public health believe they can wipe out the virus, which can develop into liver disease and result in death.

Sandra L. Coletta Not surprisingly, the woman who is chief operating officer of Care New England was really good at math growing up. That changed when she got some nursing home clients and started to work in health care. Beautiful lady ready sex Warwick Rhode Island came into the public spotlight when she was hired as president and chief executive officer of Kent Hospital in Coletta says she had learned an important lesson earlier in her career from a colleague she then worked with at the Miriam Hospital.

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Coletta had to decide whether to take her children on a planned vacation or postpone it because they were doing a computer conversion at work and she needed to be there. Her colleague advised her that the best way to address those challenges was to project herself twenty or thirty years in the future and look back upon her choice. Sometimes, it would be the choice for work, Coletta says. And I think that has served me exceptionally well, not only in my work-life balance, but also in terms of how you help support your staff and how you interact with patients and their families.

She brought that perspective to resolving the Woods case. Coletta apologized to the Woods family and the suit was settled with an agreement to establish the Woods Institute to focus on redeing care delivery. Christine C. Ferguson As a staffer on Capitol Hill in the early s, Christine Ferguson worked with both parties on health policy that became the precursor to the Affordable Care Act.

It went more smoothly than those of other states and as of October, about 30, people obtained private coverage as individuals and an additional 2, to 3, people are covered by small businesses. Tricia K. Jedele Tricia K. Jedele grew up wanting to be a park ranger, not a lawyer. But as an adult, she took her environmental passion all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.

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She was raised in a family of six that drove all over the United States, camping in virtually every national park along the way. She decided to devote her life to maintaining them. As a state prosecutor, on behalf of Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Massachusetts, she challenged EPA regulations over the permitting of a power plant because of the effect on marine life. Jedele argued before the federal appeals court and the case went up to the U. Supreme Court. Jedele is seeking to understand some of the management problems that have led to harmful emissions and to develop solutions going forward.

Sarah Taft-Carter Efforts at pension reform in Rhode Island have resulted in plenty of opposition, landmark legislation and national headlines. Sinceshe has presided over lawsuits filed by unions challenging proposed changes to pension plans, including the raising of the retirement age and suspension of cost of living increases. Taft-Carter has ruled that unions had an implied contractual right to pension benefits. She declined to step aside from the cases after she disclosed family members with pensions and state attorneys questioned if her relatives could be affected by the proposed changes.

She has repeatedly encouraged the parties in the case to work out a settlement, but as of October, the matter was still pending. Rogeriee Thompson has since risen steadily through the ranks of the justice system, from assistant city solicitor in Providence to judgeships in District Court and Superior Court. She also protects her assets, taking a major wholesaler to court for the alleged unauthorized sale of Alex and Ani bracelets.

Sierra Barter InSierra Barter and friend Julie Sygiel realized as young female entrepreneurs, they were often the only women in a room full of men. So they started the PVD Lady Project to bring together creative women from around the state to hear career advice from other women and network. Now, the nonprofit brings in nationally known speakers for all-day summits, hosts political forums, has expanded to Beautiful lady ready sex Warwick Rhode Island, New Haven, Nashua, New Hampshire and New York City, counts more than members and plans to eventually create a national network.

Best advice? Powerful Women Thirty women with serious clout in Rhode Island. January 2, Jen McCaffery. s: 1 2 ยป. Diner's Update.

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Professional Excellence in Law Awards. Professional Excellence in Real Estate Awards. Helping to build a stronger community. Outstanding Women.

Beautiful lady ready sex Warwick Rhode Island

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